Hamina in a nutshell

Hamina is a seaside town located in south-eastern Finland in the region of Kymenlaakso. The town is known worldwide for its unique, historical star-shaped fortress that surrounds the town’s round city plan. 

Throughout its history, Hamina has been a hub of international trade and transportation of goods: The Port of HaminaKotka is in fact Finland’s biggest universal port. The diverse industrial landscape, supported by the vivid harbour ranges from a modern datacenter to innovative cleantech, forest industry, technology industry and chemical industry.

Hamina is also known for its long tradition as a proud military town: The army reserve officer school and garrison are located inside and right outside the city walls. Approximately 1500 conscripts from all over the country are trained there as reserve officers annually. Adding to the long line of military tradition the town also hosts a military music festival, Hamina Tattoo, every two years. The festival brings military marching bands from all over the world to perform in the mighty Hamina Bastioni, the largest open air canopy in Europe. Also, the tallest flagpole in Europe was erected in Hamina to celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence. Hamina truly is a world-class small town.

If you enjoy both historical and modern settings, nature and urban lifestyle, ample opportunities for work and business, lively and diverse culture, Hamina is the place to be.

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