Hamina is located on the coast of Gulf of Finland. The E18 road runs through Hamina and further to St Petersburg in Russia via Vaalimaa. The distance to the Russian border is 40 kilometres.

Hamina has a long and colourful history. A busy trading place was originally created beside the sea, at a crossroads of boating routes and the great coastal road, in the Middle Ages. This place was referred to in documents as Vehkalahti as early as 1336. The town of Hamina was established at a node of good means of communications and international trade in 1653.

For the local residents and businesses, Hamina is a service-minded and modern home town close to the natural environment, offering opportunities for welfare and development on the eastern border of the European Union.

Coat of arms of Hamina 1 January 2013


Number of inhabitants (01/2020) 20 134
Total area  1 155 km²
Sea areas  522 km²
Land areas and inland waters  633 km²
Municipal tax rate 21



 150 km


 50 km

St Petersburg

 240 km

Twin towns

Falun, Sweden
Paide, Estonia
Röros, Norway

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