Room to grow and develop

The Town of Hamina creates an inspiring, open-minded and forward-looking atmosphere for businesses. The location of Hamina along the E18 highway and close to the Russian border creates excellent opportunities for developing a successful business. Hamina has land available at the port and in industrial areas plus business premises in prime locations in the centre.

The sea has naturally played a crucial role in the emergence and development of Hamina and its businesses. The sea will continue to be a major contributor in the future also. The Port of HaminaKotka, the biggest seaport in Finland, is located in the areas of the towns of Hamina and Kotka. The port offers regular connections to all major European seaports and thereby to the other parts of the world. The framework for the operation of companies is also created by Hamina Energy, which offers versatile energy and data transmission services and focuses on renewable forms of energy.

In addition to logistics and manufacturing industries, tourism is a growing sector subject to active development.


  • Hannu Muhonen, Mayor of Hamina, p +358 40 828 1283,
  • Matti Filppu, Director Urban development,  p. +358 40 589 9852,

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