Linnoitus Indoor Swimming Pool

Pool area

Training pool 13 x 25 m, depth 1,3m-2,0m
Multi-function pool, depth 1,2m-1,35m, suitable for disabled persons
Learner’s pool 5,5 x 11 m, depth 0,6m-0,9m
Jacuzzi, Ø 4m
Cold water pool, temperature 8ºC


Two neck massage showers and water massage stations.
Men’s and women’s shower rooms both have two saunas.



Ticket, €

Adults 5,00
Children 4-16 years 3,50
Elders 3,50
Students 3,50
Conscripts 3,50
Unemployed 3,50
Water aerobics (includes the normal swimming ticket) 4,00

Children under 4 years with a guardian can use the swimming hall for free.

Voucher, €

Voucher 10 tickets 25 tickets 50 tickets
Adults 45,00 110,00 220,00
Other groups 31,00 77,00 154,00

In addition to voucher you’re charged for 3€ customer card.

You can pay with Smartum and Eazy break.

Cash register closes 1 hour before the closing time.
Swimming time is 2 hours.

Hamina Indoor Ice Rink

Size of the indoor ice rink is 58m x 58m. Includes also six locker rooms, a conference room and a cafeteria. An auditorium for 500 seats and 300 standing places. There is also two curling rinks.

Hamina Bike Park, pump & dirt

Hamina Bike Park offers cyclists of all ages and skill levels fun featuring a variety of pump and dirt tracks.

Hamina Sports Field

Size of the sports field is 400m and there are 6 to 8 tracks.

Hamina Sports Hall

Ball games, mirror room and gym.

Opening hours:

Mon 08:00-09:00,11:00-22:00
Tue 08:00-09:30,11:00-22:00
Wed 08:00-22:00
Thu 08:00-09:00,10:00-22:00
Fri 08:00-21:00
Sat 09:00-17:00
Sun 10:00-18:00


 2.5. – 20.6.

Mon-Thu 8-21

Fri 8-18.30

Sat-Sun Closed

Please note that we are open on 21.6 8-14

25.6-5.8. Closed


Mon- Thu 8-21

Fri 8-18.30

Sat-Sun closed



Gym, adults Gym, elders and students
Ticket 3,50 2,50
Voucher for 10 times 28,00 21,00
Voucher for 25 times 66,00 46,00
Monthly season ticket 40,00 35,00


Ruissalo Frisbee Golf Park

Founded in May 2010 and expanded in 2012, the frisbee golf park is suitable for everyone. At the parking space one can find a map of the park and there are also guide signs.

Uuperi Ghost Bike Park

Uuperi Ghost Bike Park: 80 metres of difference in altitude and as much as 800 metres of downhill cycling excitement, with a lift to take you up! An anchor lift and eight routes from green to black offer downhill cycling experiences for beginners and old hands alike. On the spot you can rent bikes and gear meant for downhill cycling. Refreshments for sale.

talvi ja rinne

Uuperinrinteet downhill skiing

Elected as the best downhill skiing centre close to a town in 2012, Uuperinrinteet is located about 10 kilometres from the centre of Hamina. The Uuperinvuori hill has a difference in altitude of 80 metres, and on the northern side there are six slopes and four ski lifts. There are slopes for people with all levels of skills – from a children’s slope to the steepest slope in the Southern Finland. Ski school, SkiShop and a cafeteria. Downhill biking in the summer.

Opening hours:
In the winter:
Tue-Fri 15-20
Sat-Sun 10-18

Vallikenttä Sports Field

Finnish baseball field.


Hamina Pedal Cars

Rentable pedal cars for childred (ages 3 and up.) and adults. The park also has a small playground, volleyball field and a grill. You can slo rent the pedal cars for personal use.

Service hours:
Open by appointment,
in the summer fixed service hours.

Beach Volley Court in Rampsinkari

In Rampsinkari you can find two beach volley courts. You can rent a volleyball from Venesatama Rampsi.

Saviniemi Beach Volley Court

In Saviniemi you can find two beach volley courts on the by the Saviniemi beach.

Hyvinvoiva Hevonen

Riding stable Hyvinvoiva Hevonen offers a variety of programme according to customers’ wishes. You have an opportunity to e.g. race in a pony agility-course, ride Spanish gait with an Andalusian horse or make a trip to the nature on a horse. Services are suitable for both children and adults.

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