Did you know that you can experience the calming peace of nature right in the centre of Hamina? The 4.5-kilometres Fortress Trail meanders in the fortress ramparts in Hamina. You can walk an almost complete circle along the ramparts surrounding the centre of Hamina.

You get to walk over exciting vaulted corridors, beside built bulwarks and past the renovated Hamina Bastion with its casemate vaults. The trail also offers views of the magnificent old buildings of Hamina. If you do not want to walk the entire trail, you can pick just a part of it.

Along the nature trail, you can jog your memory about the things you learnt in biology class! There are rare species that only grow here, so please do not tread on the vegetation beside the trail. Edible natural herbs also grow along the trail.

You can upload Trail-map from here.

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