Tervasaari visitors’ marina

The park-like outdoor recreation area including a beach and a visitors’ marina with services render Tervasaari a vibrant summer meeting place, where townspeople and tourists gather.

Tervasaari offers comprehensive services to boaters. Against the marina fee, you get access to the showers and washing machines of Rampsi Boat Station as well as to boaters’ resting place. The fee also covers water, electricity and waste management, and the use of sauna. A room with kitchen (max. 15 persons) in conjunction with the saunas is available for rent. Septic tank emptying also at the marina. Wireless Internet access.
Veneasema Rampsi, tel. +358 50 558 2880, www.rampsi.fi

Long-term mooring of boats

The Town of Hamina has a total of 742 places for the mooring of boats to rent. The boat platforms are mostly floating platforms. Places for the side mooring of larger boats are available at the Tervasaari and Hietakylä platforms. More information from the customer service of Hamina, tel. +358 5 749 2683.

Regular boat services and charter trips to the sea


Maritime events and versatile cruises on the Eastern Gulf of Finland. Regular services to the islands of Tammio and Ulko-Tammio. Cruises with a specific theme, for example Midsummer cruises and children’s pirate cruises.
Jaana and Kari Auvinen
tel. +358 40 010 5014


Vimpa Islands

Vimparaitti 29
49400 Hamina
tel. +358 40 055 5475
Accommodation, training and conference packages as well as theme evenings at Vimpasaari or Rakinkotka. Fishing at sea available under experienced fishing guides.



Troolari Herring

Adventure trips in the archipelago, lake Saimaa and Saimaa Canal.

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