A good day for meeting someone in Hamina

Hamina has always been a place for meeting people.

Throughout centuries, Hamina has been a meeting place between the East and West, and it has been located alternately on both sides of the national frontier. This is where the land and sea meet each other; in the winter intertwined in snow, and in the summer the waves caress the seaside sand and the rocky shores of the archipelago. This is where the history of the unique circular centre of Hamina with its fortress meets the beautiful countryside, which offers its fresh and pure local produce to the active Market Place. This is where happy people meet each other – in the sunny streets and festivals of a summer’s day, on the trekking paths in the peace and quiet of the natural environment, and in the autumn and winter events filled with a special atmosphere.

What, whom and when would you like to meet in Hamina?

Welcome to Hamina to encounter the town in your own way, in any season of the year!

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