Are you just slightly peckish or really hungry? Do not let hunger get the better of you! Pick your favourite among the restaurants and cafeterias
in Hamina, and meet new tastes.

Also be bold and confront the traditional fast food indigenous of Hamina: lihatsu or meat pastry, and makkispekkikset, fries with pieces of sausage. In the military Hamina, these have energised many a conscript over the years. By the way, did you know that Hamina hosted the first pizzeria in Finland?

And with your stomach filled, it is nice to put your head on a pillow after a relaxing stay at the spa department of the hotel. Or how would you like to spend the night in a cabin beside the sea or in the “cell” of a hostel renovated in a former prison? Other local accommodation options – and encounters with nice local people – are provided in countryside or home accommodation.

Eat and sleep well so you can start a new day in Hamina in high spirits!

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