From Tuesday to Saturday 12th to 16th of July 2022

Every Tattoo Club gig is a unique show built just for this festival, and you cannot experience it anywhere else. The Tattoo Club has no warm-ups, but every club night starts at full blast at 22.00 in the marquee at the Market Place of Hamina, staying open until the wee hours. The Tattoo Club is the centre of nightlife of the Hamina Tattoo festival and a meeting and jamming place for musicians.

The Tattoo Club is the venue for top-ranking artists and best shows from Tuesday to Saturday. During the day when there are no concerts, the Tattoo Club serves as a food and beer restaurant with no admission fee. In the evening, the doors open at 20.00.

In the evenings age limit 18 years.

Preliminary 2022 programme. The possibility of changes reserved.

TUE 12th of JULY


The Tuesday evening disco for adults of all ages launches the five-day party. Jennie
Storbacka, the vocal coach of Voice of Finland and the vocalist of the Presidential
Independence Day reception in 2018, will be the soloist of the Navy Band. The club host
Mikael already booked Loveboat for himself. Our invited guests comprise the international
Tattoo bands, to whom we all say “Welcome”!


WED 13th of July


The entertainment conductor Riku Niemi constructed his own show for his big orchestra
and Hamina Tattoo, where the most beloved entertainment music is joined with acrobatic
drum salutes, speed and dangerous situations. Just one show on Earth. Also including the
Sea Lion drum group.


THU 14th of JULY


Jukka Poika is a man who creates delight, polishes the edges off of the Finnish language, and does not take a tropical flower out into the cold. This grand vizer of reggae comes to Hamina Tattoo with his orchestra and hit parade. The tickets are out now!


FRI 15th of JULY


The 32-year reserve of the Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces also
encompasses a number of singers who have won the Finnish annual tango competitions.
They will come to Hamina to make the Tattoo audiences dance the night away. Alongside
Tango Queen Maria Tyyster, Tango King Pekka Mikkola and Mikael Konttinen also appear
in Hamina. The orchestra is a large entertainment ensemble of the Conscript Band of the
Finnish Defence Forces with its strings. The chairs will be moved out of the way, the dance
floor will be built and the dance space will be cleared. The orchestra is conducted by First
Lieutenant Tommi Suutarinen.

Maria Tyysteri


Pekka Mikkola


SAT 16th of JULY


Quarantine Big Band, as a soloist Antti Koivula feat Heini Ikonen

Quarantine Big Band Helsinki with Antti Koivula as the soloist, featuring Heini Ikonen.
Trust the festival and you will remember this evening for the rest of your life. Quarantine
Big Band Helsinki was put together of the super musicians of the corona age to a joint
celebration behind the screens, but now they are LIVE IN HAMINA, with Antti Koivula as
the soloist. Before the rooster crows, the Show Band of the Conscript Band of the Finnish

Defence Forces finalises the entire festival with its midnight show. Quarantine Big Band
performs with the support of the Finnish Jazz Federation.

Quarantine Big Band Helsinki


Varusmiessoittokunnan Show Band


Mikael Konttinen




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