The idea of spending the whole day in the Tattoo literally comes to life in the series of Morning coffee concerts.

Preliminary 2021 programme. The possibility of changes reserved.

WED 5th of August at 9.30
Coffee at Capioner Crescent 2

Capioner Crescent 2, a fortification built in the moat of a completely enclosed part of the fortress in the 19th century, will be opened briefly to the Tattoo audience. Guidance to the concert venue from the main door of the main Building of the Reserve Officer School from 9.00 onward.

THU 6th of August at 9.30
Program will be announced later.

FRI 7th of August at 9.30
Peter and the Wolf Breakfast Concert
Theatre of Hamina, Isoympytäkatu 30 A

Sergey Prokoflev’s Peter and the Wolf for orchestra and narrator from 1936 is a cornerstone of children’s music, loved by the whole wold. In the Performance by the Guards Band, the richness of the tones is sure to leave a long-lasting and positive memory imprint in both the younger and older spectators. The free tickets are available in advance, with limited availability.

SAT 8th of August at 9.30
Program will be announced later.


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