The main event and absolute gem of the Hamina Tattoo, the unique March Shows, are arranged at the Hamina Bastion. Here, the acrobatic figure march shows and brilliant music of some of the world’s finest military bands compete with the display of colour of international uniforms.

Finnish bands


The Guards Band

Established in 1819, the Guards Band has been responsible for music in state ceremonies throughout the independence of Finland. Included in its special history are instances such as participating in the premiere of the national song of Finland in 1848 and in the first performance of the first Finnish opera “Kaarle Kuninkaan metsästys” (The Hunt of King Charles) in 1852.


The Conscript Band

The Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces with its rifle team represents the high level of expertise of the Finnish compulsory military service.


Around the World


Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Northeastern Army Band

Thank you Japan! In 2020 Hamina Tattoo we are able to see the true figure marching specialists of the Japanese Self Defence Force on the Bastion Arena. Established in 1960, the Northeastern Army Band comes from the Miyagi Perfecture.


The Band of the Irish Defence Forces

The Irirsh language of music, well-liked all over the World, stems from the Celtic music traditions that are 2000 years old. The Band of the Irish Defence Forces put together of three military bands of the Republic of Ireland will introduce a new nation in Hamina Tattoo: Ireland! You are coedially welcome to join the Hamina Tattoo family.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Regimental Pipes, Drums & Dancers of Alberta

King of the Royal Mounted is back in Finland! In reality, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Gendarmerie Royale du Canada, is a highly modern police force of about 18 500 officers, operating at all levels of operation in Canada. Its French name refers to the backround of the police as an authority with a military organisation. Hamina will host one of RCMP’s eight bagpipe orchestras and dancers.


United States Air Forces in Europe Band 

The band of the legendary conductor Glenn Miller (1904-1944), the United States Air Forces in Europe Band, cherishes the most valuable pieces of the golden era of big bands in its repertoire.


Lithuania Armed Forces Band

The pride of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Armed Forces Band was established on 4 September 1991, right after restoration of the country’s independence. In addition to providing the music in state ceremonies, the band cherishes the ancient musical heritage of the old Europe in Lithuania.


Representative Unit of The Republic of Namibia

The 30 years of Namibian independence will be celebrated with modern African dance. These ambassadors of dance and music of the Namibian Ministry of Education and Culture are the first guest performers from Africa in the history of Hamina Tattoo.


French Army Band

One of the riches of military music are the national characteristics in the music. The absolute pinnacle of French military music at the Hamina Bastion is represented by a band made up entirely of brass and percussion Instruments.