The world’s largest flag of Finland will be hoisted to a flagpole in Hamina in spring 2019 .

The flag will celebrate the centenary of the independence of Finland. The Monumental Flag is a joint gift of foreign states to the Republic and people of Finland. A memorial plaque will be placed adjacent to the flag to indicate the name of each donating state and the picture of the flag. Citizens can also contribute to the erection of the Monumental Flag.

The large Blue Cross flag will be an attraction, which highlights the particular nature of the Finnish people, but in a spirit that respects diversity and a sense of community.

“This country is inhabited by people of different families and different languages, carrying in their veins the blood of different nations. But it is said that all those who recognise this country as their native land and love it as one – all those who obey the law of this country and work for the benefit of this country – are one people.” Zachris Topelius, Maamme kirja, 1875

We Finns are different but equal. Our love of Finland is about respecting open democracy, rule of law, tolerance and solidarity. Our Blue Cross Flag is our shared national emblem.

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