A permanent flag exhibition and information point will be located in the Flag World of Hamina. The flag exhibition will be a unique display of the history and use of flags as well as heraldic objects and emblems. The centre aims to be interactive, provide insights through experiences and pass on information. In addition to the exhibits, modern information technology and audio-visual equipment will be employed.

The flag exhibition will describe the history of the Finnish flag and coats of arms of Finnish provinces, and also the history of the flags of the world’s states. The flags and flag symbols convey information and describe each country and its specific characteristics.

In addition to states, flags are used by various associations, societies, political parties and communities. The Flag Centre is planning to also display more comprehensive themes related to flags and their use, such as flagging in shipping, emblems of political movements, religious flags, military flags, flags and sports together with the fan culture, commercial use of flags, flags of provinces and federal states, and symbols of disputed areas and areas that are gaining their independence.

The ancillary services of the Flag Centre will be developed continuously, including a cafeteria, children’s activity points and souvenir shop.

As the first step of the Flag World of Hamina, a small-scale exhibition and information point will be opened in the summer of 2017 in the Flag Tower of Hamina, also referred to as the Peace Tower. The tower built in 1790 is located adjacent to the Market Square of Hamina. The lion flag of Finland will be hoisted to the flagpole on the roof of the tower for the summer of 2017 to commemorate the centenary of Finland.

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