Enjoy the events

The numerous laid-back events arranged in Hamina provide enjoyment for the residents and visitors of Hamina year after year. The venue of many events is the Hamina Bastion, which has seen memorable moments from concerts by top artists to various types of exhibitions. Only your imagination is the limit: there is room for audiences of many thousands of people, and the vaults serve as ancillary facilities for catering and other uses.

In particular, Hamina is renowned for the Hamina Tattoo International Military Music Festival, which fills the town with music and happy people every second year on even years. During the Tattoo week, the audiences are entertained by military march shows at the Hamina Bastion and lighter music at the entertainment marquee and at clubs. Another event of Charming Hamina worth remembering is the Night of Lights festival arranged in the autumn. During the event, numerous lights are lit in the darkening autumn evening, the museums, galleries, shops and churches.