Live here

Relaxed life, with a smile on your face

An apartment in the centre of the town, your own house with garden in the tranquillity of the countryside, a summer house beside the sea ― Hamina can fulfil many kinds of personal dreams about your home. No matter where in Hamina you live, the services are close by: you can reach the town centre even from the rural villages in just a short time.

Hamina takes care of its residents of all ages. The comprehensive services and friendly personnel of the town ensure that it is good to live in Hamina. Local entrepreneurs with their services together with various available study options in Hamina mean that people do not have to leave their home town for work or study.

Life in Hamina is relaxed and unhurried. Hamina is a good place for housing and work. You can even pick the berries for a pie in a nearby forest!