Moped races XV

Saturday 2 March 2019 10.30-15.00

After the races there is the traditional lottery with the best prizes ever! The main prise is Harley Davidson! You can buy lottery tickets at the event place. The restaurant Kamu! is open throughout the event.

Free admissions!

More information>>

Arranged By: MC Kujansuu


SWORDS, BASTIONS, MUSKETS -history festival

17 – 21 JULY 2019

The “Swords, Bastions, Muskets” festival will bring the colourful life of bygone centuries to Hamina for five days. History festival will spread to the environment of the event arena Hamina Bastion. Visitors can travel back in time to the turmoil of war camps, exciting battle performances, handicraft workshops and interesting lectures on history. Medieval music, a fair and the evening feast will be the high light of the festival.

More information coming soon!

Bastioni Car Show 2019

Saturday 31 August 2019 16.00-20.00

Event for the whole family at the Bastion field. More information coming at spring.

Arranged by: Sikafarmi Customs


Night of Lights

Friday 13 September 2019

Night of Lights is a local carnival, which provides everyone with culture, light and joy in the darkening autumn. The Hamina Bastion, the main venue of Night of Lights, offers colourful programme and spectacular fireworks.

Free admission!

Arranged by: Town of Hamina