How to reach

Hamina is located beside the E18 road only 150 kilometres away from Helsinki. The travel time from the Helsinki region to Hamina by car is approx. 1½ hours, especially when the new motorway is in use completely in 2015. Hamina can be reached by train via Kouvola or Kotka.

By bus from Helsinki 150 km

Nearest railway station:
Kouvola 50 km

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport 140 km

– From Helsinki 150 km (about 93 miles)
– From Kotka 25 km (about 15 miles)
– From Kouvola 55 km (about 34 miles)
– From Lappeenranta 90 km (about 56 miles)

How to reach Hamina Bastion

Hamina Bastion is located in the centre of the city of Hamina, in the North-East corner of the fortress. The easiest way to arrive at Hamina Bastion is to head towards it from the Raatihuoneentori market place, which is situated in the very centre of the circular city and the eight roads that run through it. Hamina Bastion is situated at the end of street Raatihuoneenkatu, which runs to the North-East from the Raatihuoneentori market place. The distance is only about 200 metres (about 220 yards).

The central location of Hamina Bastion allows its visitors to enjoy all the restaurants and shopping facilities etc. offered in the centre of Hamina.