Want a cool picture for you feed? Want to learn more about the history of this  beautiful town? Look no further, check these places out!

  1. The Fortress of Hamina -website provides basic information about the town’s cultural history. The site is in Finnish, but take it as an opportunity to learn the language, free of charge!
  2. The old wooden houses and historical neighborhoods on the circular streets are an awesome window to the past. Absolutely worth exploring!
  3. The three churches of Hamina, all representing different styles of architecture, are a must see for the architecture enthusiast. The church towers along with the tower of Raatiohuone (town hall) stand out in the town’s skyline.
  4. Explore the magnificent casemate vaults of the Hamina Bastion. In the summer, the Bastion is covered with the largest open air canopy in Europe. Let that sink in!
  5. The Town Museum and Shopkeeper Museum shed light on the history of your hometown.
  6. Pop in in the archipelago with your own boat or one of the regular boat services. Also, everyone in Hamina knows someone who has a boat. So ask a friends for a ride!
  7. Enjoy the beaches, restaurants, seaside scenery and cool ocean breeze in Tervasaari. An abslute must on a hot summers day.
  8. The idyllic and welcoming cafes of Hamina will surely charm you. The bars, pubs and nightclubs are great places for meeting people as well.
  9. In Hamina, you can play and watch pesäpallo, or “Finnish baseball”, the national sport of Finland. The sport is played in the unique Vallikenttä field. The football field nearby, surrounded by the city walls is pretty cool as well.
  10. And the cherry on the top: don’t forget to take an awesome picture of the world’s tallest and largest Finnish flag flying at a height of 100 metres!

See you around!

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