Vehkalahti school is situated in the Ruissalo school centre, where there is also a kindergarten and pre-school education, a library, Vehkalahtisali (a small concert hall), a sports hall and an ice rink. The single stream school has general education classes 1 to 9, three groups for special needs in grades 7 to 9, a special needs class for grades 1 to 6 and a prepatory class. The prepatory education class is meant for those pupils, whose knowledge of Finnish isn’t good enough for them to be able to cope in a class with Finnish speaking children.

Visiting address:

Ruissalontie 10
49410 Poitsila

Contact information:

Head teacher Anssi Kukkanen 040 199 1318
Deputy head teacher Anna Nikka 040 199 18 15
Office Eija Flink 040 199 1317
Teachers 040 196 3551
040 199 1399 / workspace for primary school teachers

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